Consulting Service

We offer consulting service on all types of waterproofing applications and finding moisture problems.



Masonry control joints, tilt wall expansion joints, concrete paving expansion joints, window frames, door frames, and fireproof caulking, interior and exterior.

Coatings & Sealants:

Elastomeric coatings interior & exterior (wide color range charts available), Clear penetrating sealers, Pressure washing, moisture leak detection.

Traffic Systems:

Deck coating smooth and non-skid (walkway and traffic), Parking deck expansion joints, Below grade waterproofing, Above grade damp-proofing, Roof membrane & flashing, Roof repair.

Our Consulting Service

Construction Management:

Usually, our clients do not have the time to manage the many facets of the ongoing project. They would rather the details be handled by professionals that understand the job process and work being performed. This process is critical to assuming as little risk as possible while receiving the best product and application procedure available.

Construction Monitoring:

Having inspections of work during the different phases of construction is critical to the final project. David E. Bohinc has years of experience supervising the application of a variety of materials.

Work Summaries:

For small projects a work summary can be developed that explains the desired application method and result. Work procedures are currently included within Design Specifications for clarity purposes.

Moisture Survey and Analysis:

Rainbusters has trained professionals who have worked in the waterproofing field with years of experience at finding moisture problems. If you have a moisture problem and have not been able to fine where it is coming from, our people can help.

Design Review:

Design review is critical during new construction where several trades are performing different work that contributes to the same system. David E. Bohinc has years of experience in knowing the best systems to waterproof new construction projects. His expertise has helped make jobs run smoothly and saved many on-the-job problems.

Design Specifications:

The final application that determines the best procedure for the scope of work of the job.

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