Rainbusters Waterproofing History

Our goal in the beginning and our goal still are to stop water damage! If you are having a problem with water getting into your buildings and causing damage call us we can help you either by doing the job for you or use our consulting service to learn how to fix it yourself.



Masonry control joints, tilt wall expansion joints, concrete paving expansion joints, window frames, door frames, and fireproof caulking, interior and exterior.

Coatings & Sealants:

Elastomeric coatings interior & exterior (wide color range charts available), Clear penetrating sealers, Pressure washing, moisture leak detection.

Traffic Systems:

Deck coating smooth and non-skid (walkway and traffic), Parking deck expansion joints, Below grade waterproofing, Above grade damp-proofing, Roof membrane & flashing, Roof repair.

About Us


In the Beginning:

Our business started in1984 and Ghostbusters was a hit movie at that time… that is where the name Rainbusters came from. We considered using a hearse (which is what Ghostbusters crew used lol) for our work vehicle but it wouldn’t have been functional so we gave that up. We did many TV commercials in those days to bring recognition to our Company and it worked. Our Chief :) and company owner David E. Bohinc has many, many years of experience in waterproofing and engineering. He has the keen ability of finding the source of water leaks and has solved many water leak problems no one else was able to find. He did a lot of research on different application methods and different materials to repair problems on many different commercial and residential jobs. He is still doing research to keep up with the very best methods to repair water damage and waterproof new construction.

The Growing Years:

Through years of experience we have discovered many products that protect all forms of structures from moisture. Our company has encountered many unique and difficult leak problems and we are not afraid to take on these projects. Mr. Bohinc is a good communicator and works with owners and project managers to get the job done. He has the training and knowledge to help others through his consulting division. Our people at Rainbusters never stop learning..

Our Goals:

We hope to help builders and developers avoid water damage problems by doing the right application and procedure under new construction. Applications of elastomeric coatings, caulking and clear sealants have been tried and proven over the years. When we find great products we stay with them. Our main goal is to have happy clients and customers. On our jobsites we strive to complete our work as we would want it done for our own project.

Team Bio:

David E. Bohinc Our chief David E. Bohinc has trained many employees the art of caulking and sealant work.


Our Superintendent, Mike has been with our company for 25 years; he started out as a helper and worked his way up. Our son Russell is our webmaster and maintains our website. He also has worked as a caulker and helper in the early years. Joy has been our office manager since we opened our business. Through the years we have had several very competent secretaries and office staff as well as many waterproofing people on the job.


OFFICE: 361-937-4700 (24 HOUR A DAY)
FAX: 361-937-8300 (24 HOUR FAXING)


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We stop water damage!

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